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To download, click here: (links to six MP3 audios follow)

Little bits build you [10 minutes, 51 seconds]

Joy on track long term [16 minutes, 16 seconds]

Nurturing a better you [15 minutes, 51 seconds]

Function under pressure [8 minutes, 24 seconds]

Attitude’s financial impact [12 minutes, 17 seconds]

Approaching what you want [27 minutes, 47 seconds]

Homework so that you can begin to act:

These are tiny bits that entertain, educate and solve problems using the leverage of attitude.
I invite you to use your attitude as a lever!
Gently find ways to DO these things I’ve shared in ways that fit you in your situation.

To your powerful attitude…


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Cynthia Ann Leighton

Cynthia gives an inspirational lift. If your challenges put you out of action or into feeling stuck, prepare yourself here. Learn to put into practice what you need.