6 Week Encouraging Class Lesson 6: Taking Action To Develop Habits

Hello, Cynthia Ann Leighton here.

Welcome to Lesson 6 of the 6 Week Encouraging class, How to Encourage Yourself to Keep Moving Forward.

Recently, you started with the preliminary session, followed by lesson 1, 2 , 3, 4 and 5. And now 6! Here and now.

This is Lesson 6 and will be followed by a surprise… if you reply letting me know you want one!

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How do I get myself to take action?

Ready or not [12 minutes, 20 seconds]

This will show you how to get yourself to take action. Preparation. Plus!



Homework assignment:

Step 1. Review your homework

You’ve been writing little up arrows and little down arrows and your thoughts at bedtime.

Read through all your jottings over a cup of your favorite beverage.

Remember the good times.

Notice what’s brought you down.


Step 2. Ask yourself questions

Where did you make the most difference in people’s lives?

What were the last 3 times you found satisfying?

What has been the most fun over the last 6 weeks?

What can you do now to bring more of those good times into today?

How might you reduce your exposure today to what’s brought you down?


Step 3. Repeat

If you’ve found the jottings give you useful insights to encourage yourself to keep moving forward?

Then continue!

At bedtime at the end of each week, take a quick peek at what you’ve written that week.

At the end of each month, wander through that month-or-so’s jottings.

Remember the good times.

Notice what’s brought you down.

See where you might choose to adjust.

Step 4. Right Now

Read these:


How Leaders Gain Influence: Actions | John Maxwell

This will show you how to gain influence through your action.


The Mistake Smart People Make: Being In Motion vs. Taking Action

This will show you how to encouraging yourself to keep moving forward steadily in the right ways.


Step 5. And Now?

Watch these YouTubes:


The first 20 hours — how to learn anything | Josh Kaufman | TEDxCSU [19 minutes, 26 seconds]

This will show you how to become reasonably good at a new skill using focused, deliberate action.


Tony Robbins’ Best Piece Of Financial Advice | Money | TIME [1 minute, 42 seconds]

This will show you how to take the least amount of risk for the most return.

Here’s my takeoff: Tony Robbins talks about protecting the downside with money here… my suggestion to you today is to do this with your time!!


Moonshot – pitch by John Sculley, Author [1 minute, 50 seconds]

This will show you how to make your own Moonshot. If you’re a reader, I recommend reading John Sculley’s book, Moonshot.

Here’s my take off: be your own hero with your habits!

Whether it’s in business (as with John Sculley) or in whatever your dreams may be.

Continue encouraging yourself to keep moving forward. As you do, you’ll change lives… including your own.


Additional Resources:

Self growth ! Being more with who I am 


I invite you to continue encouraging yourself to keep moving forward.

Encouragement matters!

When you keep moving forward, you bring yourself closer to the life you want to be living.

You grow.

Thanks for being here!

Looking forward to your reply suggesting what might be a good surprise for you.



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