6 Week Encouraging Class Lesson 3: Breaking Dreams Into Doable Chunks

Hello, Cynthia Ann Leighton here.

Welcome to Lesson 3 of the 6 Week Encouraging class, How to Encourage Yourself to Keep Moving Forward.

Your preliminary session was followed by lesson 1 and 2. This is Lesson 3 and will be followed by Lesson 4 through 6 on a weekly basis.

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How do I break moving forward into doable chunks?

Consistently small [16 minutes, 45 seconds]

This will show you how to go about breaking the big projects into consistently small chunks to get it done.

Doable chunks [20 minutes, 51 seconds]

This will show you how to know what to do and why so that you’ll apply it in the real day to day life you live.


Homework assignment:

Step 1. Keep writing

Keep writing your little jottings at the end of each day.

Please just spend a short time! Once established, this habit will only take 30 to 90 seconds of your time each day.

This week, allow yourself to notice whether the same few things are starting to show up as uplifting you.

As you begin to see your patterns, consider how these events that are lifting you up are encouraging you to keep moving forward.

Reflect on how these events fit with your priorities for what you most want in life.

You may become aware of a couple of things that really make the most difference for you.

If so, once this week, take a moment to circle the ones you have an intuition, a gut feeling, are doing the most to moving you closer to your dreams.

Keep it simple. While there may be 10 that keep recurring, just circle the two or three that seem most important to you.


Step 2. Recognize

Of these few that seem to you  are doing most for you, what would make the biggest difference and matter most if it were done consistently?

Imagine that one event gets to happen until it feels done… daily.

Day in, day out… before anything else.

Visualize the value to you next year if that one got done every day and made your end of day list of what lifted you up most.

Then look at the others and repeat by choosing one….

Imagine that one gets your time and effort daily.

Visualize the value to you years from now if these few events got the best of you so that you felt complete about them every day.


Step 3. Doable chunk

What part of your two most important things might you be able to do daily in this phase of your life?

Keep it simple.

If you get started on one of the smallest aspects of your two most important things, you’ll be able to figure out what’s next.


Step 4. Starting to prioritize what contributes most to your future

Daring to begin something big can be daunting.

And prioritizing is something big!

Because choosing to do something requires choosing not to do a bunch of other things.


When I keep it simple, I do dare to begin.

When I start, I can keep going.

When I’m going, I tend to be more able to figure out what’s next.


Go deep within…

Allow yourself to recognize why you want a couple of doable things.


Step 5. Right Now

Read these:


3 Ways to Craft Compelling Goals | Seth J. Gillihan Ph.D. in Psychology Today

This will show you how to make stuff happen.


Setting Goals: Who, Why, How? | Harvard University publication

This will show you how to give yourself motivation and achievement.


Step 6. And Now?

Watch these YouTubes:


David Oliver: Keep moving forward with attainable goals [3 minutes, 33 seconds]

This will show you how to re-adjust when you shoot for a goal and fall short.


Zig Ziglar Setting Goals [5 minutes, 8 seconds]

This will show you how making a plan of action of what’s in it for you can really work for you.


How to Set Goals: 80/20 Rule for Goal Setting | Brian Tracy [6 minutes, 8 seconds]

This will show you how to stop procrastinating on the vital few things that will contribute to encouraging yourself to keep moving forward in the most significant ways.


Additional Resources:

What do you need to start? (Preparing to start!) [1 minute, 50 seconds]



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