6 Week Encouraging Class Lesson 2: Heading In The Right Directon

Hello, Cynthia Ann Leighton here.

Welcome to Lesson 2 of the 6 Week Encouraging class, How to Encourage Yourself to Keep Moving Forward.

You started! The preliminary session and Lesson 1 got you going in the right direction. This is Lesson 2 and will be followed by Lesson 3 through 6… and a surprise.

How do I get headed in the right direction?

The right direction [24 minutes, 46 seconds]

This will show you how to head the right direction for you so that you’re doing the right “What’s Next?!” for you right now.


What would a breakthrough mean for you?

Opening your way [7 minutes, 13 seconds]

This will help you recognize what a breakthrough would mean for you so that you can open the way to breaking through!


What are some of the steps to getting a breakthrough?

Going to the next level [16 minutes, 22 seconds]

This will show you steps to getting a breakthrough.


Homework assignment:

Step 1. Review

Review your bedside jottings.

See if there’s a pattern of what lifts you up.

If you notice a pattern, I’d like to gently suggest that maybe it’s time to invest more of your time and yourself in those areas.

Because part of heading in the right direction is allowing yourself to be lifted up.

Check for any patterns in what’s not so much lifting you up.

If you find commonalities, think about them.

Allow yourself to begin to consider how you might improve your situation by reducing your exposure to these events.


Step 2. Continue more concisely

Starting today, aim to make your little jotted notes more concise.

Continue writing down, for each day, 1 to 3 uplifting things, and one that’s not so much.

Come up with shorter descriptions, simpler phrases, even single words as that’s possible.

(a) Why be more concise?

That way you’re more likely to be able to do it consistently.

Patterns will become clearer when you glance and see the same words recurring.

(b) How can you be more concise?

Reach for one word, when possible, to reflect the event that lifted you.

Maybe the word’s a person’s name? Or the type of situation?

Yep, sometime’s you’ll be inspired to write a lot. That’s okay.

But in general, when you get into the habit keeping it simple, it helps you to encourage yourself to keep moving forward.

You’re more likely to be able to do it day in, day out…

By doing it, you’re more able to reap the rewards that will come from noticing your patterns.

And that’s going to help you more on the long haul journey of life than turning it into a different kind of exercise.


Step 3. About that one page?

Okay, so your one page may be getting filled up a bit by now by your learning phase.

Start keeping an eye out for a small spiral notebook.

A Teeny Tiny Little Blank Book!

You’ll know yours when you see it.

Buy it.

Put it by your bedside.

Start using a line for each day.

Yes, when you really want to, it’s okay to write more.

I do sometimes, so I know that works.

However, I find that most days a few words is sufficient.


Step 4. Read

Read these:


Why Purpose Matters First | Louis Efron, Human Resources Executive, Entrepreneur, Author

This uses pictures to show you why getting purpose in place matters for you.


From Purpose to Impact | Nick Craig and Scott A. Snook

This will show you how to get to a new way of seeing yourself and your future


Step 5. Listen

Watch these YouTubes:


How to Never Be Bored from Eric Greitens’ Resilience audiobook | Eric Greitens, PhD [3 minutes, 13 seconds]

This will show you to live a life of purpose and never be bored. Navy SEAL Eric Greitens talks about the only cure for boredom is meaningful work. He gives examples from a book that helped me: Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. Seek devotion to something bigger than yourself. If you’re a reader, I suggest Eric Greitens’ printed book Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life


We Asked Some Kids ‘What Does Success Mean to You?’ [1 minute, 54 seconds]

This will show you how to think about what success means to you.


How to find meaning when reality hits you | Manisha Koirala | TEDxJaipur [13 minutes, 4 seconds]

This will show you how to turn challenges into growth opportunities.


What is Success, Really? | Jamie Anderson | TEDxLiège [16 minutes, 12 seconds]

This will show you that going off and getting other people’s definition of success isn’t so helpful — and how to course correct and get a success that fits you.

I invite you to listen to Jamie Anderson’s happy-ending story of being an unhappy “success” according to the world’s measure and his story of deciding to dare to find the right direction that brought a better fit for him. Jamie is now a speaker, author and cyclist. This is how he went through the unhappiness of putting his dreams aside, how he turned things around and went after the life he really wanted.



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