6 Week Encouragement Class Lesson 5: Helping You To Become Focused

Hello, Cynthia Ann Leighton here.

Welcome to Lesson 5 of the 6 Week Encouraging class, How to Encourage Yourself to Keep Moving Forward.

Recently, you started with the preliminary session, followed by lessons 1, 2, 3 and 4. This is Lesson 5 and will be followed by Lesson 6.

Than? and then a surprise.

How do I stay focused?

I am here now [25 minutes, 6 seconds]


Homework Assignment:

Step 1. Keep doing your homework

Those little tiny writings are research.

I do that research by those few words. Day after day!

I’ve found that I discover my own patterns from this research.

In fact, I’ve discovered inspiration to be consistent and persistent arises from the insights gained from looking back on the evidence of that very minute of my days.

Research takes effort over time.

I encourage you to pour yourself into that daily minute.

Dare to ask yourself those questions.

Be concise. Most days you’ll have 25 words or less.

Some days, you may just have 2 words.

Those 2 words might give you the insight that changes your life forever.

Your life is worth that minute to write those 2 words, isn’t it?


Step 2. Right Now

Read these:

How to Stay Focused: Train Your Brain | Entrepreneur magazine

This will show you how to train your brain to stay focused.


Make A List And Stay Focused On Priorities For Effective Time Management | Brian Tracy

This will show you how to use focus for time management.


Step 3. And Now?

Watch these YouTubes:


Don’t try to be mindful | Daron Larson | TEDxColumbus

This will show you how to do what you need to do to get to being focused.


How to Stay Focused During Sport Competition | Kenneth Ravizza, PhD

This will show you how to do undivided attention and give you a quick lift.


The importance of focus – Richard St. John

This will show you how doing one thing exceptionally well pays off.


Attitude Makes All The Difference | Zig Ziglar

This will show you how what you focus on changes your attitude.


After watching this, your brain will not be the same | Dr. Laura Boyd, TEDxVancouver

This will show you how magnificent your brain is and how to adapt to do the work that your brain requires.


Additional Resources:

How to give birth to a habit



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